The future of confectionery has arrived.

Every corner, every edge, every finger, of every bar has been carefully considered and crafted to create this beautifully immersive and multi-sensory experience.


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Eye Candy.

It really does taste as good as it looks.

78 years of precision confectionery engineering has resulted in a chocolate bar of near perfect, four-dimensional symmetry.

Diamond-sharp bevels machined to salivatingly tight tolerances help transform the chocolate bar with the long history into the chocolate bar of the future.

Confectionery Perfectionery.

History repeats itself with every bar.

Because when we set out to design the perfect chocolate bar, we nailed it first time. #ClassicKITKAT.

As famous for its inside as its outside.

KITKAT cross section

Thanks to its world-renowned, tri-core,

wafer thin CPU with full chocolate coverage.

Adjustable orientation

Works perfectly in portrait or landscape for a panoramic taste experience.

Cloud Based

A taste sensation that will leave you up in TheCloud.


With global coverage, you can take it literally anywhere. Even to work.

No contracts, no small print. With our operating system, you’re not tied down to just one KITKAT.

Features cloud 1 Features cloud 7
First KITKAT finger Second KITKAT finger
Third KITKAT finger
Fourth KITKAT finger
Partially eaten KITKAT
Features cloud 2 Features cloud 3 Features cloud 5 Features cloud 6 Features cloud 4 Features cloud 8


KITKAT 4.4 is the perfect second screen companion, compatible with all liquid accessories.


  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Water

Why you'll love

Under its sleek exterior we've ensured maximum breakability in KITKAT 4.4. This is due to the refined praline software, crisp waferware and its unique chocolate unibody. Just unwrap, break, snap and enjoy.

Tech Specs


An extremely unequivocal 10mm thick, 1 finger long and 4 fingers wide.

KITKAT dimensions


Under specific conditions KITKAT 4.4 has been known to be virtually weightless. *

weight of KITKAT

Edge to edge display

Provides maximum user enjoyment for both work and play.

KITKAT display

Universal compatibility

KITKAT 4.4 can be accessed anywhere around the globe.

KITKAT globe

Unlimited standby time

With unlimited standby time, KITKAT 4.4 will be ready to help you go from 0 to break in a snap.

KITKAT clock
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Android head

In the packet

Chocolate fingers x 4 A satisfying break x 1

The chance to win a Google Nexus 7 x 1* The chance to win a Google Play voucher x 1*

The Range

There's a KITKAT for that.

No matter what kind of break you're looking for, with 2 mega-bites, 4 mega-bites or a chunky-bite option, we've got it covered.

KITKAT range

A Closer Look

Our Chief Breaks Officer tells us why KITKAT 4.4 is the best ever thing to happen to confectionery.

Learn more about android:


The small print

Wow this really is small print isn't it? Look how tiny it is. How are you even reading this? Come to think of it, why are you even reading this?? This is no way to spend your break! You've just read all of that stuff about how awesome the KITKAT 4.4 is and you still haven't run out and got one? Wow, tough crowd.

As soon as I finish writing this I'm gonna get one from my secret stash and go drink milk through it like a straw. I have to keep my stash secret because my grandmother looks at me all puppy eyed if I don't share it with her. Is it still puppy eyed if it's your gran? I suppose it would be gran eyed? Or granny eyed? Let's go with granny eyed. I feel like we've just coined a new phrase. Where's the 'trademark' symbol on this keyboard? Ah here it is ™. GrannyEyed™. I wonder if that's legally binding? Hey, let's see if we can get it trending! #GrannyEyed. Tweeted. The Internet has it now. It's out of our hands. I feel like we've just started something epic. Ok, well this was a lovely chat. I'm gonna go and grab that KITKAT now. Fancy a break?